Y. Wickens: 'A fantastic book. Hard to believe that it is a first novel. Amazing characters,gripping story line that has you enthralled to turn the page. Completely had me wanting to read more. Hence I finished the book in two days. Would highly recommend this book. I look forward to seeing the new novel very soon. 5 stars from me.'

J. Brown: An excellent thriller!!! I found the pace brilliant from the very opening lines. The story line was excellent, tragedy from both perspectives - the innocent victims and the perpetrator. It is rarely the case in a thriller that we are drawn to sympathy for the tormented soul who is the killer!! Great character inventions. Truly a great book, never flagged, suspenseful and a fantastic conclusion!!!


The first body is found in a London hotel, tied to the bed, naked, emasculated. A macabre tableau for the attending police officers. Sickened by what they see, the police realise this is the handiwork of a different kind of killer, a disturbed, twisted individual who kills for thrills. The removal of a trophy from the body suggests a serial killer in the making and indeed, it is only a matter of time before the body count begins to rise...

As the police piece together the clues, the investigation leads them into the dark, secretive world of bondage sex and sadomasochism, a world in which people can assume different identities, enact their wildest fantasies and escape from reality. It is within this world that the Bondage Killer finds the perfect cover, the perfect pool of submissive victims and the perfect arena for murder.

​Would you trust someone you'd just met?

Would you recognise a killer?

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